House Church Leaders


Peter taylorPeter Taylor 

Peter is married to Sarah and both have lived in Romford for most of their lives.  Both grew up in and around Immanuel Church and School.  Peter is employed by Immanuel Community with oversight for youth and Sarah is a doctor.  Peter works relationally with other ministers and youth workers in the area and further afield.  He’s involved in leading a number of groups, gatherings and events both within ‘Immanuel’ and within the area.  He plays drums and enjoys playing competitive sport.  They are supported in leading a house church by Mark and Tanya Beaney.

The Heart of the House Church

We have a heart to see a sustained revival in our lives and nation.  We want to be revival and live a revival lifestyle whereby we bring heaven to earth in and through our lives.  We want to carry and release his presence at all times wherever we go, so that the lives of others are transformed through an encounter with Jesus.  We want to cultivate Kingdom culture in our lives, so that it changes the culture around us.  We want to transform the society and culture around us, so it reflects heaven more and more.

We believe revival starts with us knowing who he is (intimacy & worship), so that we know who we truly are (identity) as sons and daughters of the Father, and as prince and princesses of the King of Kings.  We want to see a generation rise up that is passionate for Jesus and changes this nation for God.  Therefore, we have a desire to equip and release people into all that God has called them to be and do.

Jesus told us to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and drive out demons (Mt.10:7-8); that these things would follow those that believe (Mk.16:17-18); and that we would do even greater things than these (Jn.14:12), so we believe living a supernatural lifestyle is a must not an optional extra.

Teaching material

 -    Generosity



Simon ReevesSimon Reeves

Simon is married to Mandy, with two children – Jessica and Luke.  He has lived in Romford all his life and was educated at Immanuel School.  He studied English and politics with the Open University and now teaches in the senior department of Immanuel School.  He is a pianist and is involved in leading worship in his house church, our monthly gatherings and other wider events.

House church description

Our house church was formed in 2004 and meets most weeks on Thursday nights and Sundays.  We are a community of believers, committed to sharing our lives together; we support each other practically and in prayer and regularly share the testimonies of God’s work in us and through us.

We worship and study scripture together and have a desire to be open to the revelation and the power of the Holy Spirit.  We believe that the gospel has the power to transform lives and communities; we act on the mandate we see in scripture for both social and political action, expressing the love of God and the power and hope of the gospel.

We want our house church to be a community, not just on a Sunday, where people feel ‘at home’ – church as part of life, not segregated.  We want our church to be a place where people can grow to fulfil the unique destiny and calling that God has given them, recognising their identity as sons or daughters of the King of Kings!




. . . we are committed to the 'priesthood of all believers'

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