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Vision and Mission


The church is called to be a Kingdom presence in the area of education, just as in other spheres of society. Knowledge is more than simply academic facts.  In a world dominated by self-advancement and academic achievement, we have made the primary goal of Immanuel School that of discipling children and young people, encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision is:

Disciples of Jesus Christ, for such a time as this

We commit to teaching our children and young people about the character of God - who he is, what he is like, what he has done and how much he loves them.  We seek to prepare them for living in such a time as this, so that they are equipped emotionally, spiritually, academically, intellectually and socially to face all of life's joys and challenges and to fulfil the call of God on each of their lives.

Young girl in a pink coatOur Mission is:

We resolve, with the support of parents, to prepare, disciple and educate young people from a Biblical worldview, to meet the opportunities and challenges of a changing world.


We regard the partnership between school, home and church as critical in a child or young person's education.  We ask parents, children and young people to support our Vision and Mission as actively as possible.  For more on our Vision and Mission, please download a school prospectus.

We regard the partnership between school, home and church as critical in a child and young person's education

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