Autumn Fair

The Immanuel School Autumn Fair took place on Saturday 19th October.  The doors opened at 11 o'clock sharp and the fun began!  Those who came along participated in traditional games such as 'pegs on the washing line', 'hook a duck' and the highly competitive 'marbles in a flower pot'.  We had, among other activities, face painting and hair braiding, a craft room and, for the more energetic, a bouncy castle.  Students, parents and teachers had the chance to enter a number of competitions including making a scarecrow, self-portraits and a 'garden on a plate', and first and second prizes were awarded at the end of the afternoon.  However, the busiest room of all was the tea room, with homemade cakes, cream teas and hot dogs on sale.  The day was a great success and we raised nearly £600 towards new school classroom and playground resources.  We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making the day a success!



The Oast Houses

House Church Weekend Away

Another House Church Weekend Away in the Beautiful surroundings of East Sussex

Mid-September found our house church enjoying another weekend away together, this time in the beautiful Oast House in Northiam, East Sussex, with an expectancy of further deepening our relationship with God and each other.

We were blessed in every way with very tasteful and comfortable accommodation in a converted oast house, with more than enough excellent food and great hospitality in a peaceful and restful location. For those who took advantage, I must not forget the heated indoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

As in the past, Friday evening was a time of settling in and relaxing together. These times are important as everyone unwinds after a busy week and gives opportunity for quality time in each other’s company. Saturday morning and evening were times of worship, prayer and sharing while the afternoon was set aside for folk to rest, swim, walk or visit further afield as they wished.

As seems to be the norm, on Sunday morning the pace seems to intensify as everyone is aware that we are nearing the end of our stay. We had a great time of encouraging each other in our various gifting’s and speaking words over each other’s lives.

Our leader Peter shared on the subject of ‘Hope and Joy’ Romans 15:13 and Hebrews 6:19, leaving us with the following questions, the call on our lives being to welcome Jesus into all situations:

  1. What affects our Hope?
  2. What do we believe about God?
  3. Do we really believe who we are in Christ?
  4. How do we see others? Are we honouring and encouraging each other?
  5. What do we believe about our circumstances?
  6. Are we going to live life as overcomers as hopelessness is not from God?

As our time drew to a close, the same subject (freedom) came up as it did at the end of our last weekend away together last year. I personally questioned in my heart why this subject was coming up again, were we not living in freedom? We certainly have moved on in a measure of freedom but the fear of man still hangs around. It led me to thinking, what is freedom, believing that is was something we all need to seek God about. As with everything freedom misused has it’s dire consequences. It does not give us permission to just do what we like, when we like. However real freedom, in and under Christ, is liberating for ourselves and others. So to wrap up, freedom is not just doing what we like but knowing that we are free in Christ to hear God’s voice and do the things that He wants to do through us as he empowers us with His Spirit.

Being one of the last to leave the building it was a real privilege and honour to have the opportunity to pray for those that run the centre and seeing how pleased and grateful they were.

Barbara Rogerson

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Monday 4th July 2016

Immanuel School is on Facebook!

Immanuel School 2015 GCSE Results

Wednesday 9th September 2015

A brilliant set of results for our students this year, with 100% achieving at least 5 A*-C grades, including English, Maths and Science.

Beaney's Updates (January)

Thursday 22nd January 2015

We have been learning a lot about perseverance this year!!  In all that is going on around us, to keep focused on Jesus and allow Him to be our strength and our peace.  It has been a journey that has been very humbling and leaning more into God and trusting Him.

Beaney's Updates (November)

Monday 10th November 2014

It was a sad day.... Mark was welding on the roof of a YWAM bus and a spark caught alight the interior and the bus went up in flames in seconds!

Taking Every Thought Captive

Monday 13th October 2014

Recently I've been having waves of fear and anxiety attacks that have been lasting for days on end.

I find myself thinking "I don't want to feel like this but I can't seem to shake these thoughts and feelings."
I mean seriously who wants to live a life full of crippling fear and anxiety? Not me!

You can listen to Matthew's testimony here too...

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