Beaney's Newsletter (July)


We have now been into our DTS course for two weeks, can't believe how quickly the time is going!!  The first week the lectures were on Hearing God's Voice, and we had teaching on practical ways we can position ourselves and lots of scriptures on how much God loves being in relationship with us.  It was really good to go through these and to really know that its not about what we say or do, but coming to Him with a clean heart and dwelling in His presence how He delights to be with us!!  Very humbling and yet such a privilege.  This week the topic has been The Nature and the Character of God, and again the lectures have been really good as its been taught in a way that we can apply what we hear to our own lives.  More than anything I think its made us realise how much we really need to pursue God and the more we know God and His Word we can have faith and stand firm in Him!  We meditated on 2 Peter 1v1-11.  Its been challenging as to how thirsty are we to really seek and know Him.

We are staying at the back of the YWAM base in two rooms (one for the kids and one for us!).  They set up a futon bed for us so that we all have somewhere to sit!  There are three other rooms for the single students and we all share a kind of kitchen area for drinks and breakfast!  And outside we have toilets/showers and a patio with a table and benches, which is really nice to sit out at the weekend!  Have got to know our other flatmates quite well, one of the men is from northern India and he's here doing a Bible translation course for his home town where him and his wife run a large orphanage!  Everyone here seems really friendly and its just amazing to be in one place where there are so many people from so many different countries!  Children are settling in well, they are making friends and enjoying being around lots of people. 

We have a great cycle route outside where we live and the children decided they would start praying for bikes as its quite far to walk places.  So, for the passed week it was their mission to pray every night and two days ago, one of the girls (named Jeike)  on our course came up to us at dinner and told us she had bikes for us all!!!  Jeike's Dad fixes bikes and somehow got given a few and he thought of giving them to us!  It was such an answer to prayer as the girls bikes were exactly the right height for them and they even got helmets with them (helmets are a legal requirement here!).  We were totally blown away and couldn't believe it, we'd just had teaching that day on God being a personal God - He was definitely showing us just that!!  There have been testimonies from so many people here of how God has met them, its really boosted our faith!


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