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We just made it to Berlin last night after 9 meetings across the UK in 6 days!!  It’s been quite insane schedule, but the never failing presence of God is dropping like a hammer in every city we’ve visited and I’ve never seen so much hunger in Europe! 

I couldn’t help myself in delaying this testimony ‘cause it’s so beautiful!   This is a perfect example of what happens when we just invite the Presence to come and STAY for awhile!  I pray this encourages you all today in your pursuit as you rally your cities to gather around the warm fire of His love!  Love you guys deeply!

We were at a meeting in central London on Saturday night (5 February) and the Lord showed up in a powerful way.  No one wanted to leave!  Before we knew it 2 hours turned into 4 hours of worship, praise, and being encountered with God’s love.  Two days after the service we received an email from the Pastor of that church who shared this powerful testimony: ‘We have had some significant breakthroughs in people’s lives on Saturday night.  One girl had anorexia for 20 years and was now in seriously trouble.  She met with the Lord in the meeting–and now she has an appetite for food for the first time in 20 years!!!  She told us today for the first time she feels safe.  Man, we have spent so much time working with her and she just seemed to get worse.  One encounter with the Lord and she is breaking through!  Many others have had amazing encounters and are in a new place.  Tomorrow we fast again and pray and trust for the fire to burn more intensely in our hearts.’

. . . to prepare the spiritual atmosphere around the Olympic site with intense worship and prayer (continuous 24-7 style, throughout the Games) so that the world is welcomed into an encounter with God’s blessing and His blazing love!  It also seeks to achieve a spiritual legacy in east London that can be built on long after the Games have gone.

Lighting the Fire - May 27th 2012, 10,000 worshippers will gather at Leyton Orient Stadium to pray, prophesy and ‘Burn’ in worship led by Jason Upton, Godfrey Birtill, Sean Feucht, Noel Robinson and others

Fuelling the Fire - Worshippers from around the world will join together for a 30 day ‘Burn’ of non-stop 24-7 worship, starting on 14th July 2012 at The Cornerstone, Leytonstone

Releasing the Fire - During the Olympics, Healing on the Streets teams will offer encounters with God’s love and healing power at Live Sites and festival events around the area

Blessing our city

Sean Feucht says:

New branches are growing up from the ancient roots of David’s Tabernacle.  When Saul encountered the Presence of God in the company of Samuel’s school of prophetic minstrels, he was ‘turned into another man.'  When David brought the Ark of God to Zion, Israel was turned into another nation.  An open heaven environment rested on an entire region.  As a result, the dream that God had for David’s generation was realized.  David’s Tent is being restored today on a global scale, and the influence of the Kingdom of God and the outpouring of God’s Spirit will flood the nations.

Those of us involved so far have really enjoyed partnering with others in the Body with a passionate desire to see heaven invade our city.  It has meant some sacrifice and some going the extra mile, but the fire it’s fanning in us for more of God, makes it worthwhile.  It’s been prophesied and we know that there are various mantles and anointings resting on Romford that need to be recaptured and released for the blessing of this region and the city.  I’m sensing that our involvement with movements like the Burn 24-7 has a part to play in seeing this destiny fulfilled. (need to be logged into Facebook to see the group page)


Such a blessing to read of all Father is doing in UK through focussed worship and prophetic prayer. WE stand with you guys as the Games comes closer and trust for breakthroughs in many, many lives. Morocco also stands in great need of revelation to the masses, we intend to press ahead with greater focus on Him who alone is the answer..Consider coming to encourage the very small number attempting to do this!!

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