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The Community

We are a community of Believers who believe God has called us to be prophetic in nature, gifting and lifestyle. We are located in North Romford, which is on the east side of London and believe this to be significant in representing the east gate to the City of London.

It was on the east side of the Tent of Meeting that ‘praise’ (Judah) dwelt (Numbers 2:3). It is also through the east gate that the Glory of the Lord comes (Ezekiel 43:4 & Matthew 24:27), so we believe our physical location has real significance in God’s plan for our great city & nation.

The Community oversees a number of areas of ministry. These include the House Churches, Immanuel School, NGAGE, The Prophetic Well, a House of Prayer and Praxis as well as a number of other areas of ministry. Over the past few years we have enjoyed a time of consolidation whilst receiving fresh vision and direction from the Lord. The House Churches have been strengthened, NGAGE continues to inspire young people, Immanuel School goes from strength to strength and new areas of ministry have been birthed.

Shared Values & Focus

Our shared values and focus, and the beliefs expressed in our Statement of Faith underpin our Community and work. They also help to define us as a Community – to belong here is to believe in these things. We seek to cultivate a culture of grace and honour within the community where each person is empowered, equipped & released to pursue God’s call upon their life.

We believe issues of belief and doctrine as well as holding to a Biblical worldview to be important, but conformity and uniformity on such issues is not a prerequisite for being a part of the community. The views expressed on this website are principally those of the leaders and majority.

As a Community and part of The Bride of Christ we believe God has called us to cultivate a lifestyle of worship, intimacy and valuing His Presence, so that we create a place of habitation not just visitation. A place where salvation, healing and people being set free is common place; and where miracles, signs & wonders are very welcome. We love the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but desire above all else to worship the one who gives them.

We believe in discipleship, the prophetic, building relational unity, a call to pioneer and the power of prayer. Also the Community has been given a number of significant prophetic words relating to worship, prophecy, healing, youth movements, prayer & intercession rising up in the area and impacting the nations through us. Believers who are servant-hearted, have a teachable spirit and are faithful & able are really important principles to us as is raising leaders who truly model servant leadership. We believe promotion in the Kingdom flows from godly character and not giftedness. We also believe to have authority you must be under authority and to disciple others you must be a disciple.

We have a heart to see people knowing who they truly are as sons & daughters of Father God and out of that place transforming the lives and culture around them. We believe God has called us to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons – to freely give as we have freely received (Matthew 10:7-8), and we seek to live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) through the various areas of ministry we oversee. We believe in community transformation and desire to be a part of a sustained revival. Being part of a prophetic community means, we believe, to understand the times we live in and to stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of our area and nation.

Leaders in the community

The leaders who oversee the day to day life and work of the Community are Peter Taylor, Sarah Taylor and Ben Cope.

Simon Reeves is Principal of Immanuel School. Many other leaders, too numerous to mention, enable the various ministry areas to flourish.

Every member of the Community has an important role to play and without their involvement, love and commitment we would not be who we are and we could not function as we do.

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body , and each member belongs to all the others.  We have different gifts, according to the grace given us (Rom 12:4-6).

One of the most compeling doctrines in the New Testament is the 'priesthood of all belivers,' and yet the Church at large has seldom lived it out.  Movements that have, have prospered.  Spiritual strength is released when the people of God embrace their God-given destiny.


We love to partner with other communities, ministries, churches, organisations, families and individuals who share a similar vision, so if you do we would like to invite you to contact, visit or join us!


Click here for a fuller version of our history as a community.

 . . . we seek to present individuals, the Church and society in general with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the challenge and inspiration it brings . . . 

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