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Meet the Team


Meet those that are responsible for the leadership and direction of the Community. 




Peter Taylor

Peter is married to Sarah and they currently have one child. He is the Team Leader of the Immanuel Community Leadership Team. He has lived in Romford most of his life, was educated at Immanuel School and has been in leadership for many years. Peter leads a house church and works relationally with other ministers and youth workers in the area and further afield. 



Sarah Taylor

Sarah is married to Peter and they currently have one child. She has lived in Romford most of her life, was educated at Immanuel School and is a doctor in a local hospital. Sarah is on the leadership of one of the house churches and has a real hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit and longs to see supernatural break out. She dreams of preaching the gospel to thousands of people! She brings a prophetic gift to the team as well as her infectious joy!





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