The attack on Christians, Israel and Judaeo-Christian values


The World Evangelical Alliance estimates that 200 million Christians live in societies where they daily face the threat of being imprisoned, tortured, and killed because they are Christians - see the persecuted church.  Even in countries where there is an openness to Christianity, as Christians we still face increasing marginalisation and threats of various sorts.  The State of Israel and Jews worldwide are also coming under increasing opposition - see Threats to Israel and Anti-Semitism

The attack on Judaeo-Christian values and aspects of Western civilisation

There is also a growing, concerted and virulent attack to undermine Judaeo-Christian values and aspects of Western civilisation.  It is designed to undermine Christianity and Judaism, a belief in the transcendent God of the Bible; biblical and moral standards; aspects such as fairness, liberty and justice; freedom of conscience, religion and education; free speech and open debate; free enterprise economy/capitalism and democratic government.

Source of attack

In our view this attack is led by postmodern, liberal, secular, religious and ideologically driven individuals and groups within the intelligentsia – those who would regard themselves as the ruling elite, progressive, open-minded, intellectually and spiritually enlightened.  They hold key leadership roles in politics, education, law, religion, science, media, business, intelligence agencies and national and international decision making forums.  Whilst numerically relatively small, they wield power and influence disproportionate to their number.

Embracing postmodernism

Whilst the Modern worldview left much to be desired, unfortunately as these individuals and groups embrace postmodernism hook, line and sinker, there’s a marked shift towards tolerance, religious pluralism (Christianity is no more valid than any other religion or philosophy) and relativism (truth and moral values are not absolute but are relative to the group in which they originate).  Personal morality is no longer governed by objective and transcendent truth, but is simply a product of local decision making.

Openness without the restraint of reason, and tolerance without moral appraisal are the tenets of postmodernism and the new spirituality that is emerging.  The notion of one absolute and universal truth to unite humanity is rejected and anyone who considers that they have ultimate truth is considered arrogant.  Naturally this would include conservative evangelicals and orthodox Jews.

Common objective

Whilst it can be seen that the individuals and groups supporting this trend have different overarching goals and visions of utopia (their specific idea of the perfect society) nevertheless, they all realise that to achieve their objectives, they must undermine and weaken Judaeo-Christian beliefs and values, together with some of the accepted tenets, freedoms and practices of Western civilisation.


Undoubtedly, they believe they operate from the highest of motives and have confidence in their own benevolence, virtue, worldview, belief system and ‘higher knowledge.'  Confident in their view of utopia, they believe they know what’s best for everyone else.  Any loss of freedom therefore to individuals or particular religious groups, is a necessary price to pay for the ultimate common good.  Forms of repression and totalitarian control are therefore acceptable, in their view, to weaken opponents.  We believe that in rejecting Judaeo-Christian values they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie (Romans 1:18-32).

For more on this we would recommend the following books 

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