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The current comment on our front page refers to our nation’s need of the kind of visionary leadership Winston Churchill displayed during the dark days of World War 2.  A recent TV series by historian David Starkey on the life and wisdom of Winston Churchill highlighted a crucial element in the great wartime politician’s strategy.  To use Starkey’s words:

His underlying theme was truth, and the gap between the smooth words and high sentiments of the pacifists and appeasers in Britain, and the brute reality of what was happening in Germany.

Starkey goes on to say that Thirties Britain, riddled with defeatism on the right and pacifism on the left and centre, seemed determined to bury her head in the sand and do nothing about the increasingly dire situation in relation to Nazi Germany.  Churchill drew on the insights he had gained from researching his famous ancestor, John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough.  He discovered important parallels between the situation Marlborough faced and the current situation.  By adopting similar strategies to those of Marlborough, Churchill was convinced he could save Britain from otherwise certain defeat.

In order to implement the strategy and inspire the nation to press through to victory, however, Churchill had to face the hardest challenge of all – telling the truth about the situation Britain was in.  He once remarked in 1932:

I cannot recall any time when the gap between the kind of words statesmen used and what was happening was so great as it is now . . . Stop the lies and obfuscation . . . tell the truth to the British people . . . they may be a bit offended at the moment, but if you have told them exactly what is going on you have insured yourself against complaints and reproaches which are very unpleasant when they come home on the morrow of some disillusion.

We desperately need to grasp the nettle as Churchill did in his day.  Only speaking the truth can break the malaise our nation seems to have adopted in relation to the threats facing us.  These threats come, in Starkey’s words, ‘in the form of the rejuvenated authoritarian regimes of Russia and China who have bottomless reserves of cash, huge national resources and, in the case of China, a ferociously efficient industry which looks certain to submerge the all-but bankrupt economies of the West.'

Starkey sees another national threat ‘in the form of Brussels, with its anti-democratic adherence to the collapsing euro, which is stoking enmity between nations, and threatening to drag Britain into a depression that will mean hardship for decades.’

So where are the prophets of today, who, with Godly zeal and passion, are prepared to speak the truth, cutting through our national delusions, and calling us out of our apathy?  Here at Christian Spectrum we are calling for today’s men of Issachar to be released.  People like Churchill, who had the wisdom to know what had to be done, who examined and learnt from the past, and who had the courage to hold through against popular opposition.  He was able to rally the nation and inject realism as well as optimism when it was most needed. 

We’re also calling for the Issachar anointing within the church.  To steer a path through today’s diverse expressions of spirituality, humanism and antagonism, and the impact of national and international trends, the prophetic church needs to develop and exercise the same gift, wisdom and courage.  The men of Issachar were as highly valued by King David as physical ability and strength.  Without it, the army could expend energy and expertise and whilst winning some battles, could still fail to win the war.

Ian and Larissa's story

Ian and Larissa's story is a testimony of God's goodness and grace in the face of great adversity.  A must watch video at:  


The Free2live team had another busy Saturday in South Street, Romford.  The two stands with the pictures and models of babies in the womb always attract attention from the public.  It is very noticeable that there is a great deal of interest from young people, many of whom have never realised before seeing the model babies, that life is so well developed in the womb even as young as nine weeks.  It was a great opportunity to change public opinion regarding the taking of life by abortion.

Also this week, one woman tearfully explained that she had just miscarried her baby in the very early stage of pregnancy, and it was a privilege for one of the team to be able to pray healing for her.

We had a visit too from Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford and Councillor Dervish.  In a conversation around the issues of rape and incest, which can result in pregnancy, it was an opportunity for one young woman to tell her story to those around the stand.  Fearful that she might be pregnant at the age of sixteen she explained that she was able to choose life even if her fears had been realised, knowing that Jesus would help her face the situation.  It was a moving experience to hear how God answered her prayers over the years, brought healing and hope, and gave her a testimony of his love and faithfulness.

For more about Free2live go to Praxis.

A modern-day Apostle Paul

Viraj and a few friends who were part of an anti-Christian extremist group attacked a mission.  They beat pastors and nuns, then burned their belongings and literature.  He had been taught anti-Christian rhetoric as a child and he became convinced that the only way to save his nation was to rid it of believers in Jesus.

The more Viraj persecuted Christians, the more powerful he became.  Aside from being notorious within Christian circles as a fierce persecutor, he worked as a prominent religious figure, generating a good income and receiving much honor.  But suddenly something happened that was out of his control.

His wife became ill with a life-threatening heart problem and despite all the doctors, his money and power nothing was bringing his wife back to health.  She became bedridden for three long years, and Viraj grew desperate - so desperate that he sought out a Christian pastor to ask for prayer.

That day was an answer to many believers’ prayers.  God was changing Viraj’s heart and directing him to a new path.  When the pastor prayed with him, Viraj’s wife began to recover and everything changed.  This man, who once hated anything to do with Jesus Christ, finally understood that Jesus offered him life and hope.  For the full story go to:


Truth behind the pro-abortion rhetoric

In an article on the Huffington Post website Andrew Stephenson seeks to expose the truth behind the pro-abortion rhetoric of groups like BPAS and Marie Stopes.  Stephenson – Founder and Director of the public education project Abort 67 – highlights the financial motive behind much of the work of BPAS and Marie Stopes and argues that between them they ‘have raked in millions of pounds, mostly of public funds, your money and mine, to kill our children.’

Abort67 exist to expose the truth about abortion and endeavour to bring to the public’s attention the reality of what goes on inside abortion facilities.  They believe that when the truth about abortion is exposed ‘the people of Britain will be naturally repelled and demand a halt.'

Stephenson finishes by arguing that ‘abortion is out-of-control mass bloodshed, a catastrophe that absolutely must be ended forever.  Killing unborn children should never be the solution to a crisis pregnancy.’

For more go to:

Love After Marriage

Friday 11th April 2014

Love After Marriage (LAM) is a marriage course like no other, which we ourselves have had the privilege of doing... The course is not so much pastoral in nature, but rather apostolic meaning that it is about creating a culture where marriages thrive. We believe God is wanting for there to be a revival of relationships meaning relationships, including marriages, which reflect Heaven's heart and model for them.

Treasure Hunting Testimonies

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Two inspiring testimonies of lives touched by the faithfulness of God and through the faithfulness of the teams that go out 'treasure hunting' month after month!

Outsourcing motherhood

Friday 22nd March 2013

In the budget the Government are packaging the new measures as a reward for hard work.  But can ‘outsourcing’ motherhood possibly be the best way to create a healthy society?

Join the growing pro-life movement!

Saturday 13th October 2012

Last weekend a number of cities across the world, including over 100 cities in Spain, hosted the annual March For Life, a rally calling for an end to abortion . . .

The Lord Carey of Clifton at Immanuel Community

Friday 12th October 2012

Last Friday evening Lord and Lady Carey of Clifton were the guests at a meal in North Romford . . .

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