The Free2live team had another busy Saturday in South Street, Romford.  The two stands with the pictures and models of babies in the womb always attract attention from the public.  It is very noticeable that there is a great deal of interest from young people, many of whom have never realised before seeing the model babies, that life is so well developed in the womb even as young as nine weeks.  It was a great opportunity to change public opinion regarding the taking of life by abortion.

Also this week, one woman tearfully explained that she had just miscarried her baby in the very early stage of pregnancy, and it was a privilege for one of the team to be able to pray healing for her.

We had a visit too from Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford and Councillor Dervish.  In a conversation around the issues of rape and incest, which can result in pregnancy, it was an opportunity for one young woman to tell her story to those around the stand.  Fearful that she might be pregnant at the age of sixteen she explained that she was able to choose life even if her fears had been realised, knowing that Jesus would help her face the situation.  It was a moving experience to hear how God answered her prayers over the years, brought healing and hope, and gave her a testimony of his love and faithfulness.

For more about Free2live go to Praxis.


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