Salvation comes to Immanuel School

‘Jesus gave me a new life.’

This testimony is from a five year old boy in the Reception class at Immanuel School.  It was the news he chose to share with his class during the usual talking and listening time on a Monday morning.

Not an isolated incident

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had testimonies like this one from several children in the Primary department, ranging in age from 4 to 11.  They’ve been stirred by what they’ve heard and gone home to talk it through with their parents.  We’ve also had various children telling us they’ve seen angels in the classrooms and in the school hall.  One child saw an angel walk through the classroom into the next door room.  When asked how he knew it was an angel, he remarked that the angel walked straight through the door without opening it.

Answers to prayer

Personal, active relationship with God through Jesus is the foundation for the whole of life, so it has always been the prayer of the staff at the school that the children in their care would have the revelation of what Jesus did for them when he died on the cross and shed his blood on their behalf.  We believe owning their sin, trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice and submitting their life to God is the most important decision they can make, and we actively encourage them (but not coerce them) to do so with the level of understanding they have, bearing in mind their age.  We recognise that it’s not a once-for-all event, but part of a journey with Jesus which will take the whole of their lives.  When a child invites Jesus into their heart and life, we rejoice because, even without fully understanding, it’s an indication that they have a heart which is open to the Lord and receptive to the working of his Spirit in their life.

Holy Spirit inspired pictures

God loves revealing himself to children!  The children at school are not only having their eyes opened to the unseen realm, but are also having Holy Spirit inspired pictures.  One child saw himself lying in a ditch and then saw Jesus come and lift him out.  He said he knew Jesus would always take care of him. 

The correlation with prophetic teaching

While we’ve had the joy and privilege of hearing testimonies like these from our pupils over many years, the recent more widespread response to the Holy Spirit amongst the children coincides with the shift we’ve made in Immanuel School this term.  We’re prioritising corporate worship and prophetic teaching, in line with the challenge the Lord put before us.  Our whole school focus this term is on Jerusalem and the strategic part it plays in the purposes of God.  Even the youngest children are excited about the New Jerusalem and, if asked, will tell you about its amazing features and how they can be sure if they’re going to be a part of it. 

Natural windows, spiritual windows

On a natural level, there has been a level of ‘organised chaos’ in the school so far this term, since we’re having new windows fitted throughout – the result of a generous dedicated gift.  Whilst praying before work started, the staff felt the Lord say that new windows allow greater vision.  God is increasing our vision into the spiritual realm and the installation of the physical windows is a sign of this.  Certainly the experiences of some of the children bear this out.  So we’re praying, ‘more, Lord!’


Love that article. So exciting to hear from the children what God's doing in their hearts.

Inspiring news Jenny. I am praying for 'more Lord' too.

We're so excited to hear about the great move. Our son came home in October and after dinner went to his room. Not seeing him for a while dad went to check. He was praying- he said following up what they had done in school that day, he was praying and giving his heart to the Lord. Thank you Lord for the great teachers.

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