Truth behind the pro-abortion rhetoric

In an article on the Huffington Post website Andrew Stephenson seeks to expose the truth behind the pro-abortion rhetoric of groups like BPAS and Marie Stopes.  Stephenson – Founder and Director of the public education project Abort 67 – highlights the financial motive behind much of the work of BPAS and Marie Stopes and argues that between them they ‘have raked in millions of pounds, mostly of public funds, your money and mine, to kill our children.’

Abort67 exist to expose the truth about abortion and endeavour to bring to the public’s attention the reality of what goes on inside abortion facilities.  They believe that when the truth about abortion is exposed ‘the people of Britain will be naturally repelled and demand a halt.'

Stephenson finishes by arguing that ‘abortion is out-of-control mass bloodshed, a catastrophe that absolutely must be ended forever.  Killing unborn children should never be the solution to a crisis pregnancy.’

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