A modern-day Apostle Paul

Viraj and a few friends who were part of an anti-Christian extremist group attacked a mission.  They beat pastors and nuns, then burned their belongings and literature.  He had been taught anti-Christian rhetoric as a child and he became convinced that the only way to save his nation was to rid it of believers in Jesus.

The more Viraj persecuted Christians, the more powerful he became.  Aside from being notorious within Christian circles as a fierce persecutor, he worked as a prominent religious figure, generating a good income and receiving much honor.  But suddenly something happened that was out of his control.

His wife became ill with a life-threatening heart problem and despite all the doctors, his money and power nothing was bringing his wife back to health.  She became bedridden for three long years, and Viraj grew desperate - so desperate that he sought out a Christian pastor to ask for prayer.

That day was an answer to many believers’ prayers.  God was changing Viraj’s heart and directing him to a new path.  When the pastor prayed with him, Viraj’s wife began to recover and everything changed.  This man, who once hated anything to do with Jesus Christ, finally understood that Jesus offered him life and hope.  For the full story go to: http://gospelforasia-reports.org/2012/08/a-persecutor-changes-paths/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+GospelForAsia-Reports+%28Gospel+for+Asia+-+Reports%29#.UCP9TaCd6Sp



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