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Prophetic gatherings


A prophetic word given us by Michael Schiffmann (Touch the Nations, Germany) in 2002 has been strategic in identifying us as a prophetic community with several prophetic tasks to outwork.  Michael’s word specified that we were a place for prophets to gather in order to wait on the Lord, and that we would host prophetic round-tables and conferences.

Prophetic Round-tables

In response to this, we established The Prophetic Well ministry and made the Immanuel site available for prophets known to us to host prophetic round-tables.  Several such gatherings have taken place, attracting people with attested prophetic ministries.  Prophets from many different denominational backgrounds and with different types of prophetic ministry were invited, some from the UK, others from Europe, Africa, Canada and the US.

Prophetic Well Conferences

In addition, The Prophetic Well hosted Prophetic Well conferences, when nationally or internationally acclaimed prophets were invited to minister.  The conferences attracted delegates from all over the UK, and we were privileged to have prophets such as the late Jill Austin (Master Potter Ministries, US), Martin Scott (Three Generations, Europe), Michael and Terri Sullivant (Metro, Kansas, US), Kirk Bennett (7 Thunders, US), Roger and Sue Mitchell (Passion, UK), Mariette Louw (YWAM, Scotland), Samuel Rhein (La Lumiere de la Vie, France), Sharon Stone (Christian International Europe), Gordon and Rachel Hickson (Heartcry, UK), David Mniki (East London, SA) and others, sharing the platform on different occasions.

Prophetic Worship Days

In wanting to develop a prophetic well here in North Romford we hosted a number of Prophetic Worship days, designed to attract Christians in our locality.  Each day had a specific focus.  The first focused on the spirit of worship and was led by one of our own worship leaders, Sue Howson.  Subsequent events focused on prophetic songwriting, creativity in worship, movement and dance in worship, prophetic minstrels, etc.  We were privileged to have Dave Bilbrough, Phil and Steph Jones, and Godfrey Birtill and others as our guest speakers on these occasions.

Eagles’ Nest

Part of Michael Schiffmann’s prophetic word to us indicated that we would be a nest for young eagles to grow and flourish.  Martin Scott had prophesied around that time that we would produce theological prophets and prophetic theologians.  We prayed into this and felt that we could offer a package for our young people, where they would devote a year to the Eagles’ Nest course.  This included two aspects.  The first was theological study via St John’s College, Nottingham, in order to achieve a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Theology, depending on the level and length of study they pursued.  The second was time spent grounding them in the prophetic through word and action.  

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